At Elevation Fitness Training we are proud to serve our clients on our online training platform.


This works by first choosing your level of training according to your current experience, goals, and fitness ability. After you purchase your training plan you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to our program, and we will set up a time and date for a consultation call.


Durning our consult call we take time to chat about what it is you are wanting to achieve with your new healthy and capable body. Once these are established, the fun starts! 

Now that we have figured out "what" and "why," we get to talk about the "how". Our online training platform does a myriad of tasks in the support of your new fitness path. Based on your choice of levels 1, 2, or 3, we will build you a personally customized program that fits your specific needs based on the goals we discussed.

All of our clients have the choice of home, gym or outdoor training plans, and we can even incorporate shooting workouts to prepare you for your next hunt. If you find yourself on the road or traveling we are happy to accommodate and design flexible workouts you can do from anywhere with minimal equipment. 


This platform not only gives you an app that is free to download on your smart phone or tablet, but also allows you to leave the worries behind as you will have pre- programmed sessions on your calendar with daily check ins and instructions waiting for you at your finger tips! You also have the option of tracking your nutrition in the app as well as seeing your weekly progress and personal bests!

We take the guessing game out of your workouts by sending each workout with a short, easy to view video of each exercise- don't know what a clean and press is? No worries, you never have to risk form and technique, or spend time looking up movements, it will all be at your finger tips. 

What's even better, you have the personal accountability of making sure you hit your goals with workout reminders, tracking your stats, and weekly check ins from your coach. Your success is our priority.

If you're ready to conquer, we are ready to help!

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