January 4, 2018


Motivation. The word alone probably enticed a few of you to shutter with anxiousness. So, what’s the deal? How do you get motivated to make changes, and how do you stay motivated? The truth is, motivation doesn't always come easy and when it does the small supply seems to fade by the minute. So, where does this magical thing come from? What determines how much you’ll have? Is it something we create? I don’t know all the answers, but I can tell you how I find my motivation.


It's undeniable, we live in a fast paced world full of responsibility, distractions, families, and demanding jobs, just to name a few. We have different visions, different reasons for busting through the day, all while living in a consumer world, where we compare ourselves to the lives of others, through the spotlight they portray. It’s easy to see someone’s success, and expect we can have the same, but what we don’t see is the reason for their actions, their ‘why’ that get’s them through the day.


Now I ask you, instead of going to someone else and expect their success to be your dreams, think to yourself- why are your goals important to you, what is your motivation to succeed? Why do you want to be healthier, train more consistently, eat a cleaner diet, and improve? If you don’t know why, for who, and what you want to achieve, your best intentions will slowly slip away. The motivation you held yesterday will take a back burner, “taking it easy” will soon fill your training days, and you will lose sight of what you set out to do.


So, before you take off running in the wrong direction, before you wake up tomorrow and make another attempt at your goals, do yourself a favor- ask yourself ‘why’? How do you want to feel, how do you want to live, who’s watching your journey? For me it’s about happiness. It’s about being the best version of me I can be. It’s about knowing my son’s will be watching- and it’s not a matter of if, but WHEN I fail at something, I know they’ll see me try again. I’m not motivated for perfection, I’m motivated for progress.


Please know this- your motivation, and your why, may not come easy and can change along the way and it’s important to remember that’s ok. What you do next is refocus and try again, put your best effort out, there’s no one keeping score. Success comes after failures. They are lessons to be learned.


Where do you go from here, how do you start again? You find your reason for succeeding, you know the weight of those who depend on you- you remind yourself why you’re worth it. Every day is a new day, and you may need to remind yourself often, motivation doesn’t come easy, it’s all a mental game.

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