Finding Motivation From Within


Motivation: The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.  We all have those certain things that drive us.  Whether it’s a bugling bull across an open canyon or the desire to accomplish a fitness goal.  No matter how bad we may want it, somethings take less motivation that others.  For instance, when I hear a bull bugle I could care less how tired I am or the fact that I just came from that exact spot a mile straight up with a 1000-foot elevation climb.  There’s just no question I’m going to go after him.  The sound of the bugle ignites the fire from within.  


On the opposing spectrum, motivation to work out comes at a harder cost.  I will make every excuse in the book on why NOW is not a great time to work out.  The kids aren’t being good, I have to leave in an hour and still need to get ready, I’m too tired and the list goes on.  On a daily basis I have to find the motivation from within to achieve my health and fitness goals.


Finding the motivation from within takes planning, dedication and knowing your triggers.  But once you figure out what motivates you it becomes second nature and muscle memory to the point where you JUST DO IT!


Here are my steps to finding the motivation from within yourself to succeed:


First, I want you to write down your fitness goal, nice and big at the top of your blank piece of paper.  If your goal is to lose weight don’t just write, “LOSE WEIGHT.”  Write it with a purpose, “I WANT TO LOSE15 INCHES BECAUSE.  Or I want to gain lean muscle because I want to be able to carry a 40 pound pack in the woods with ease.  I want to increase my endurance and fatigue factor because I don’t want to feel like I might die going up a hill in the woods.”  Give specifics so that you have a way to measure your progress.  Without specifics you give yourself more room to screw up which will only hinder your progress.


Now that you have your goal, list the feelings you would feel if you were to achieve this goal.  This goal that you so desperately want because it will make your life that much easier.  Would you be more confident?  Maybe your self-esteem would be boosted to the point where you wouldn’t break down and binge eat junk.


You now have your goal and the way you would feel by accomplishing this goal.  Now I want you to think back to the times you have tried to accomplish this goal in the past.  What was your rock bottom?  What led you to make the change and take action?  What roads blocks did you hit along the way?  Write that down.  I know this might seem like an unimportant piece, but it’s not.  Expressing these drawbacks will help you crest the edge instead of hitting them straight on.


And last, but not least what ignites your fire?  Is it a favorite play list on your ipod or an early morning quick motivational read?  When do you have the best energy?  Is it first thing in the morning or maybe after you’ve been up for an hour?  If you leave your workout until the evening what are the chances of you getting it done?  For me that would be a less than 10% chance haha.  As the day goes on, my motivation goes downhill.  


All of these steps will help you create your own unique blueprint.  A blueprint that lays out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can be successful in achieving your goals.


Everyone is different and you have to remember, “It’s not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.”   

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