Week(end) Warrior

October 19, 2018



Well, it’s official- you’ve worked your tail off to this point and just around the corner is the WEEKEND!


It’s that magical time of the week that rewards all the hard work you have put in between Monday and Friday.

  • Waking up early

  • Going to bed early (at least you try…)

  • Making checklists and marking items off one by one

  • Being responsible

  • Getting the kids to the bus stop on time

  • etc.(the list goes on)


It’s a weekly grind and hopefully one that you have created out of passion for your career, family, adventure, etc…


Then the weekend comes and it’s time to let loose.

  • Cheat meals

  • Sleeping in

  • Staying up late (at least you try to)

  • Not caring too much about drinking water

  • More junk food

  • Being as irresponsible as you can

  • Passing up workouts

  • And the unavoidable Netflix binge


But wait… now it’s Sunday and the panic kicks in. What happened to Friday night and Saturday? Why do you feel lethargic and slightly bloated… Oh yeah, it was the WEEKEND.


This mysterious few days gets us every time. We wait for it, hope it gets here faster than it does, and finally… it’s over. Now what? Nobody likes Monday and why is that? It’s the weekends fault.


Now, let’s create a new set of thoughts. We’ll call it “guide to smashing your WEEK days.” In a typical scenario most of the life changing or important decisions go down during the week. These are the critical events that we sort through to keep our “TARGET” in sight. What’s the target?

  • Happiness

  • Success

  • Adventure

  • Health

  • Security

  • Sanity

  • Freedom

  • Fitness

  • Family


There’s no particular order but these are the main focuses. How do we not allow the weekend to sabotage our ability to stay focused on our target?


Let’s break it down.



Create a Saturday morning goal that is directly connected to one or more of your targets. This can be anything from feeling good (skip the partying Friday night), it can even be a project or adventure that you’ve been considering that takes focus, effort, and time.



This is the day where fitness and nutrition are the main objective and focus. The part of the game that makes Monday a do or die! Take 30-60 minutes and burn some calories, get sweaty, challenge a friend or family member to a hike or run. Get a motivation buddy to move with you. Follow that up with a healthy food choice for dinner. I’m not saying skip all the fun, but start your conscious “week day” efforts here.



Now it’s time to start writing your Monday through Friday goals out - be detailed with them. Make yourself accountable to your targets and reward yourself for reaching and exceeding them. Share your weekday target(s) with someone encouraging. Talk about a winning formula!


Here comes Monday and it’s time to see what you're made of. It’s time to implement your perfectly designed plan. Will you stick to it? You bet. You’ve given yourself all the advantages by setting weekend goals to help you get to this point seamlessly so things are already in your favor!


My last tip, take some time just for you! It can be just a 30 minute walk, or some down time with a good book... No matter what you choose, soak it up and enjoy it guilt free. It’s time to refill your cup - what a crazy idea, right?  


You’ve now set and reached your weekend and weekly target! You did it and even though it may be the first score of many, celebrate it! Once you’re done, re-focus on the targets and steps you’ve already taken to enjoy this new found victory. The beauty of it all is that each week you get a new shot at winning all over again - you’ve got this.  


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