Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour

January 7, 2019

No matter how well thought out your trip to the grocery store is, fighting the temptation of those end isle sweet treats, shopping when you're hungry, and coming home with ONLY the foods on your grocery list can be extremely difficult - we've all been there! 



Before you take your next trip to the grocery store with your fingers crossed take the Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour and tighten up the reigns. Knowing how to navigate the market, make good choices and stay on track with your eating plan isn't as simple as it should be. Food brands and big companies pay top dollar to override your ability to stick to your guns and make good choices with high dollar marketing, and strategic product placements. 


You aren't alone with feeling the grocery store overwhelm, in fact, many of our nutrition clients share this same struggle.


Here are our Top Tips and Strategies for coming home with what is on your list, and bypassing all the extra garbage: 


#1 Plan ahead

#2 Stick to what's on the list. 

#3 Eat before you shop.

#4 Shop the store perimeter.

#5 Don't wander down isles. 

#6 Put all your "approved" foods in a designated cabinet or cupboard.

#7 Preschedule a "cheat MEAL".

#8 Never eat distracted.


Although some of the tips listed above may seem easy enough, or like everyday common sense, they are rules that add up to major victories and successes when followed. 


How about debunking all the hype about Organic vs. Non Organic? Knowing what to spend the few extra pennies on and what is ok to buy traditional isn't cut and dry. In general follow the "Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen" rule of thumb. 


Clean 15: 







sweat peas








sweet corn 


Dirty Dozen: 




sweet bell peppers










The confusion and questions don't stop there. What about the best foods to incorporate for burning fat, or building lean muscle? Are there foods that are better than others? How about Gluten Free vs. Whole Grain? 


You are not alone in the endless dilemma of what should end up in your cart, and what you should do without. 


Make your next trip to the market one that keeps you on track, empowers you to make healthy choices, and educates you on the best choices to help you reach and exceed your goals. Join us here for the Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour and answer your questions before you come face to face with your next shopping trip. 


You can be successful when it comes to nutrition, and knowing what choices will guide you to a healthier, happier you are pivotal. It is time to empower yourself, and take control. Click here for your free copy of the Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour.


Good things happen for those who take control, prepare and execute! 


For more Nutrition information, or to schedule a personal Nutrition Consultation contact us here. Your goals are our priority!


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