Building Your Momentum pt. 3

January 15, 2019


We are just barely two weeks in to the new year and I’m already eager to check in with you, hear about your progress, and maybe even help you troubleshoot some of the hurdles you may be facing.


Truth be told I jumped online today to finish this blog and was quickly blindsided with the news headlines. It immediately made me stop in my tracks, and detoured me away from the task at hand. It is so easy to have things pop up and steal your attention, your time, and leave your intentions of taking action in the dust. We live in a time and place where different distractions, some of them good some of them bad, will always be there to take the place of what you ‘should’ be doing.


Like I said, distractions can be good, or bad. It can stem from procrastination, being unmotivated, or simply feeling stuck. No matter what there will always be obstacles to overcome, and focus to maintain, so pressing the refocus/ reset button may happen more than you would like.


Just last week we traveled to Kentucky to attend the Archery Trade Show (the ATA), and it quickly took hold of my goals and shifted the simple balance of being home, to trying to reevaluate and manage life on the road. Instead of well planned home cooked meals we were eating out, grabbing snacks and doing our best to fuel properly. We lost time, and fought the battle of being sleep deprived and exhausted. Our daily workouts were moved to a small, and under equipped hotel gym, but we did what we needed to make it work and stay on track.


More than anything I could ever encourage, recommend, or ask of you, I say this: work to find balance. Yes, I have said that several times, and yes, you may feel like you are constantly trying to find, and cultivate that balance, but it is now and always will be ever changing. Chances are you will always face the ‘wrench’ in your plans that tries to throw you off track, and it will if you let it. But plan ahead for those things and you are much more likely to stay on track and keep your momentum moving forward.


Even if you are barely moving you are still creating momentum - don’t lose sight of that.



You are faced with daily choices and decisions for the betterment of your life, health and goals. So chose to do what you can, when you can in order to keep the progress you’ve made, and train your mind to overcome obstacles.


It takes one step. The good ole “one foot in front of the other” trick to keep you from throwing in the towel. So, the next time you find yourself standing on the cliff take pause, think it through, and find another way. You don’t have to lock up, or fall, you just need to make the next step the right one.


I would like to give you some tips and strategies for staying on track that you may find to be priceless in your journey to a healthier, happier and more focused self. But, before I do I want to encourage you to take a few minutes to review your New Year New You Roadmap and the work you have done so far. 


Haven't got started on the New Year New You Roadmap yet? Click here to dive in and take control. 


If you are like me you may be guilty of starting it with the best of intentions, printing out the material, and maybe even following through with the first couple tasks but as I stated in the beginning of this article, staying the course is well, hard. If this sounds a little or a lot like where you are now, then please go back to the start of your NYNY Roadmap and work through the first few steps (part 1 & 2), then join us back here for the next part - remember, you can’t see the complete puzzle without all the pieces.


Once you have redone or reevaluated your Roadmap I want you to focus on your mind, and all that is in it. Everyday we live in a conscious world, having conversation, engaging in social events, working through problems, planning our next meal, worrying about how to get everything done, dealing with coworkers that drive us crazy, sitting in traffic, and likely, having endless conversations within ourselves. For all of us that internal dialog is pivotal in setting our ‘mood’ and regulating our happy, motivated side or our self doubting, struggling side. It comes as no surprise that the voice inside your head should be your biggest fan and full of daily encouragement - but unless you spend intentional time focusing on this, the way you speak to yourself probably needs a major pep talk. So, let’s have one.


Retraining your inner you, and becoming your own BFF:


There will be days that you find yourself engaging in less than positive talk, feeling like an idiot for not knowing how to solve the problem you are facing, or bashing yourself for yet another botched attempt at following through. Even I find myself trying to undo the “of course I couldn’t figure it out - I always have to take the hard route”, but it’s time to replace all self doubt and negative internal dialog with, I can, I will, I am. It’s time to be proud even when you aren’t successful, productive, or focused. It’s time to train you to cheer yourself on and be the support and inspiration you need.


Step 1: Wake up without the need to search for validation, acceptance or social “feel goods”. Instead of diving right into the day, opening IG, flipping through e-mails or returning text messages, wake up and tell yourself how you want the day to go, how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish, and how blessed you are to have a new day ahead. These can be spoken out loud, communicated with your partner, or written down in a journal. The key is to be clear, intentional, and make it vivid.


  • How do you want the day to go?

  • How you want to feel?

  • What you want to accomplish?

  • What is your goal for the day?

  • Then describe the blessings you can and should celebrate.

for your customizable daily worksheet, click here. 


Step 2: Now that you have set the bar and created a vision of how you want today to go I want you to give yourself direct and specific affirmations about YOU. These are things that you have done and chosen yourself, ways you contributed to a positive life and things you are proud of! They can also be areas of life that you are working to improve or change - this is where it gets powerful. These affirmations should be written and spoken to yourself. You can add new ones daily or you can simply read the same ones over and over. As you practice this you should be able to cultivate new ones, and truly begin to feel the power of these positive words and thoughts. Here are some examples:


  • I am powerful and capable of creating the life I want.

  • I may not be right where I want to be but I am taking action and moving forward.

  • My body and mind are strong and I am in control of how I feel.

  • I am choosing to be patient, and proactive in my journey to better health.

  • The goals I have are true to my desires, and not set by others standards.

  • I love myself for who I am, and what I am.

for your customizable affirmations worksheet, click here. 


It is one thing to read this article, and print out the material I give you but the power and success you are looking for comes in the follow through and action you take. It is time to believe in yourself, and understand that you are in control of creating, building, and nurturing the life you want, but your actions are the catalyst.


Now that you have the next piece in the puzzle it is time to put it in motion and begin believing in yourself. Be your encourager. Be your inspiration. Be your own powerful force to get into your groove and manifest your successes. Make your conscious and subconscious work with you to envision, and obtain next level progress.


Implementing this practice into your daily routine, and using these tools as a part of your New Year New You Roadmap will be the compass you need to find your way. No matter how lost, or buried you feel now, there is hope and you control what comes next.



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