Staying In It

January 30, 2019




When was the last time you struggled? I mean really struggled? Not like those moments when your wifi is slow or someone kept cutting you off in traffic. Maybe a solid week of bad luck that never seems to end but you try to stay positive in the hopes for resolve as soon as possible. 

Webster defines struggle as ' to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition' Knowing this how can we relate that bad week to what is defined as a true struggle? Does it mean that we would have to quantify the action or actions that are giving us fits? Do we somehow create a measuring stick to add up what the challenges really are or how much we are struggling to get past them?



Before we go any further id like to add my two cents.  I have always believed that you are the sum of the people in which you surround yourself with.  Even if you are the happy go lucky one and those around you seem to keep a negative outlook on life with excuse after excuse for why they can't seem to "catch a break or get a little good luck"  After a while that negative approach will start making its way through your defenses and leak into your happy go lucky. This may take a long time or it could have an immediate effect on you. Either way your truly helpless against the attack of negativity.



Rewinding the tape a bit we can re-visit the definition of what a real struggle is.  Let's relate it to fitness and nutrition, see how i brought it all back around... We can associate struggle with making that 3rd week of clean eating and exercise in a row. Even when faced with temptation you went for it! You stayed the course and made it through the struggle and now you're seeing the greener grass on the other side. How did you make it through this struggle? Was it simple focus on an outcome which you connected to a goal that might only be attainable with this solid performance? I say that you get to decide that. It's your success and your struggle. You stepped up to the plate and took the shots on the chin like a heavyweight champ deep into the 15th round.

Now, getting back to the negative Nancy's that seem to always have some GIANT hurdle that they just can't get passed. These people will take from you. They will drain your tank and never refill it. Even those you love can be in this group. So how do you avoid this? You set the tone of your goal reaching roadmap by doing the following:

1. You demand support from those closest to you no matter what their opinion or beliefs may be.

2. Be sure to share the importance of your goals and why the support and encouragement means so much to your success.

3. Try not to push your goals or focus on another person. We all have to find our own legend and cannot pressure those around us to follow the same path.



With all this said, we now have a couple things left to contemplate. The goal is king. Without the goal, we get lost. It is our compass and no matter how focussed you are or how hard you work, without a goal, you will wander around aimlessly until you hit a wall. Keep track of your success. Do this by noting the goods in a log that is readily available and collects your attention either by its outward appearance or daily placement in your path of travel( the bathroom counter, sticky notes on the mirror, next to the coffee pot) the last one is my favorite!



The naysayers, keep them at bay. Don't allow negative energy in that doesn't add to the goods which you record daily. Create a force field of awesome only and unless the energy around fits Cinderella's shoe, shove it on down the road and don't look back!

This is your new plan for success at anything you take on. It's simple and complex all in one. Just like life, we have to be flexible enough to take the good with the bad and have the courage to sort through the BS when its necessary. Heres my challenge for you:



1. Plan out your next goal.

2. Write out all the benefits of staying in it that you will experience in both the short and long run.

3. Identify the pitfalls that you are likely to encounter and how you plan to navigate through them.

4. Be gentle with yourself when you do face a true STRUGGLE. This will try your patience and give you an opportunity to define your character when faced with adversity. If you fall on your face, get your ass up, dust yourself off, and charge on. Don't beat yourself up and turn into one of the negatives that we covered earlier.



There it is, your personal plan to stay in it and reach any goal you set. Your step by step guide for avoiding those who will doubt you and try to convince you that your goals and focus are not valid. Finally, your list of challenges to take on and set the pace for this journey. Now all that's left is to JUMP!

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